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What is special about the DX driver training?

Of course, driver training should be fun - spending time with like-minded people should also be fun. However, our focus is always on learning success; every training session aims to improve vehicle control. This not only makes the driver more enjoyable, but also active driving safety. You get to know yourself and your vehicle in a protected environment - and can therefore react better in the event of an accident in normal traffic. We therefore attach great importance to a professional team of trainers who are available to the participants throughout the day.

With which vehicle can I participate?

As a driver training partner for the PFF (Porsche Fan Forum), most of our driver training courses are attended by Porsche vehicles. However, drivers with other vehicle brands also take part regularly. The share of Porsche in our training courses is around 70%. We warmly welcome all participants, also with other makes.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, of course someone can come along too. Usually the accompanying person is free of charge and can also take part in the normal catering, which consists of drinks and snacks. During the fixed lunch break, lunch is self-paying in a restaurant nearby. There are also trainings where there is extended catering (including lunch). The costs for this are already included in the price for the participant - there is a small surcharge for an accompanying person, which is pointed out in the ordering process.

Are underage accompanying persons also allowed?

Of course, accompanying minors can also come along. You can't start early enough!

Can the accompanying person drive themselves?

This is not a problem, a valid driver's license is of course required (please show it at check-in). There are always opportunities to swap places during training. A so-called second driver does not cost any extra. Depending on the training, there may be a surcharge for the extended catering (including lunch). This is then pointed out in the ordering process.

Does the companion have to stay in the car all the time?

There is always a small building on the training site and the opportunity to watch the training from outside. This means that accompanying persons do not have to stay in the car for the entire training time. Please make sure to discuss this with the experience team or the trainers. For safety reasons it is not possible to enter the training area everywhere.

Is there something to eat and drink?

Free catering is available to participants and accompanying persons for each training session. This includes hot and cold drinks and snacks. During the lunch break there is either a restaurant visit on a self-pay basis - or there is extended catering on site including lunch, the price of which is already included for the participants. In this case, accompanying persons pay a small surcharge (note in the order process).

What about photos?

We take photos of every training session and make the images available on Flickr . If you want your license plate covered, you can tape it over with tape before training. You can also take photos or videos yourself.

Does the DX Experience also rent vehicles?

Participation requires your own vehicle. No vehicles are rented from the DX Experience. Exception: During the winter training DX WINTER we are happy to put you in contact with a rental company on site who has an interesting vehicle pool. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is my vehicle insured during the training?

Our driver training courses are designed to improve driving skills, not to achieve top speeds. Your normal insurance coverage should then continue to exist. If you are unsure, please clarify this with your insurance company in advance.

Can I participate without valid insurance or with red numbers?

No, unfortunately that will not work. Valid vehicle insurance is required for our training courses.

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet?

No, helmets are not required for our driver training courses. Even if our training courses are designed to be sporty, the safety aspect always comes first.


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